Artist That Use Lines In Their Work

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Jackson Pollock Helen Frankenthaler Franz Kline and Willem de Kooning are all known for their use of expressive lines. Line as Tone and Form.

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Lines are basic tools for artiststhough some artists show their lines more than others.

Artist that use lines in their work. The use of line in art allows us to frame express and imply texture. But they are there shown in the way the artist arranges the objects in the painting. Despite their black-and-white composition the designer is able to perceive a world full of color and whimsicality within the portraits of graceful dancers.

HENRY MOORE 1898-1986 Sheep 1972 intaglio print on paper I n 1972 while preparing for a major retrospective exhibition of his sculptures in Florence Henry Moore would relax by drawing the sheep in a field outside his studio. Pair up with a. This could be through cross-hatching or shading.

Chilean artist Jose Romussi sees the potential hidden within vintage photographs. The master painters knew how to use lines to their advantage when they were creating what we call in the present day masterpieces. The artist David Habben created the artwork for a production of Hamlet at the Utah Childrens Theater.

Look at their paintings and write a list of adjectives to describe the different lines you see. Blog Home Abstraction and the Use of Different Types of Line in Art. To highlight their eloquent beauty Romussi embroiders rainbow-colored lines right on top of the images.

Some lines in paintings are invisibleyou dont actually see the dark mark of the line. Line is one of the formal elements of art. Along with elements like color shape texture and space it is something aesthetic to contemplate aside from the subjective interpretive components of an artwork.

In Dark Shades of a Childrens Hamlet the artist. The king of abstract expressionism Jackson Pollock s work is entirely based on the dripping lines of liquid paint that move dynamically across his paintings. Artist Frank Stella is a racing fan.

His most famous works were created during his drip period from 1947 to 1950 when he turned the contemporary art world on its ear with this innovative technique. Draw lines that correspond with the words.

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