How To Pressure Wash A House Before Painting

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The water pressure in a power washer is typically somewhere between 2200 and 3500 psi which is a far cry from the amount of water pressure in your garden hose. John Burbidge author of the book Watching Paint Dry shows how to pressure-wash a house prior to painting.

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The low and wide angle will work best.

How to pressure wash a house before painting. There are ways to safely clean your house before painting using a pressure washer including using lower psi pressure washers widening the spray and standing at least two feet back. A typical cleaning procedure would be to wash the siding once with the pressure washer and then spray it with a bleach or detergent solution and. Later your painter will then scrape and prime any bare wood areas before painting.

Loose Paint Removal. However pressure washing will give you a good clue where you need to concentrate your scraping efforts few days later. If high pressure water does not cut the mustard use a cleaning additive.

If your house has peeling flaking or blistering paint then expect a professional pressure washing to blow off loose chips of paint. By cleaning off all the gunk we can make sure the paint goes on smoothly not just rolling over dirt. Removing loose paint with power washing helps the paint preparation process.

This allows everything to dry properly if any scraping is needed. Exterior painting requires a clean surface before beginning. Potential of siding damage water injected under siding or dirt remaining on house.

When spraying move upward with a. Before painting a house its important to thoroghly clean the surfaces. Cleaning agents include TSP Oxi.

4 Fill your washers tank with cleaning solution and spray the siding with water-solution mixture. However some areas on wall surfaces may require using a cleaning agent. Pressure washing is a great way to reveal the areas that need to be scraped.

The best way to apply them is with a plant sprayer. If you need to clean walls before painting most of the time only requires water. Using a 5-gallon water bucket mix water and a cleaning detergent with mildewcide according to manufacturers recommendations.

This means it takes time for the wall to dry out before you begin painting. Power washing doesnt always remove all the loose paint so expect the exterior to still need hand scraping after you have washed and let dry. Pressure Wash Before Scraping.

Spray Off the Major Debris Using the pressure sprayer rinse the siding with plain water no cleaning solution working. Always best to pressure wash before scraping is done. This is a good thing.

Choose the pressure washer nozzle you plan to use and attach it to your sprayer. Dried paint is much easier to scrape than wet gummy type. Its important to wash your house so that the new coat has the best chance to bond with the undercoat.

Attach your pressure washer to your garden hose. To pressure wash a house before painting you need to prep the area spray with a high pressure nozzle to clear debris soap with a low pressure nozzle to loosen up residues and then spray again with a high pressure nozzle to rinse off detergent. You want the absolute best adhesion surface for your paint.

The pressure washers instruction will indicate the proper setting to apply the cleaning solution. Power washing is one way to clean a homes exterior. In this video Chris The Idaho Painter get us started with some tips on how to use.

Scraping is usually needed around eaves windows door frames and other edges of the house. Pressure washing before painting is a chance to remove all dirt debris and cobwebs before painting. Once the dirt and grime have been washed away it becomes immediately clear which areas need to be scraped before painting.

Step back about 3 feet from your home and test the pressure washer against the house. Using a pressure washer is no substitute for hand scraping. Lastly give the house a three to four days to completely dry.

Other issues with a power washer can be the high pressure forces water into the pores of the wall soaking the wall. Its not just dirt either. Instructions Protect Landscape Plantings and Utilities Where foundation shrubs or other plants are blocking the siding protect them.

Oftentimes houses can have mildew on their siding. There are several ways to accomplish this. The only way to remove this mildew is washing.

Apply Bleach Solution to Mildew Areas If.

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