How To Size A Canvas In Procreate

As Procreate is a non-vector application the size of the canvas and its DPI matters a lot. Maybe create the new canvas with the new size and then copy and paste the layers over one at a time to the new canvas.

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How do I change my canvas size in procreate.

How to size a canvas in procreate. Next when you work on a canvas get a bigger size canvas than you think. Now you should see a bunch of procreates. Click the in the top right This pulls up the New Canvas drop down menu.

Procreate offers a bunch of different canvas sizes for you to choose from but if you cant find the exact size you need you can always create your own. Personally the minimum should be 300 DPI I worked with that and it works awesome. To keep that resolution you will need to scan at 600 dpi.

Go to Procreate Gallery to make a custom canvas When you open up your Procreate app this is the first screen you. On the Procreate canvas gallery and tap on the plus icon at the top-right corner of the screen. I just want to know how you change the size with a new canvas.

BEST PROCREATE CANVAS SIZE and how to turn your paintings into high quality Instagram imagesHave you ever wondered what the best Procreate canvas sizes are. The 8×10 would be 10×300 pixels along the long end for 3000 pixels. Original Poster 3 years ago.

Maintaining the same resolution for a 16×20 would be 20×300 for the long side or 6000 pixels. To open a new file press the icon that you can see at the top right corner. You want to scale it up to 16×20 which calls for more pixels to maintain the same quality.

If youd like to edit a photo with Procreate click on Photo In both cases youll be able to browse and open the file you want to use. How To Make A Custom Canvas Size In Procreate 1. A dropdown menu with different canvas sizes will appear.

Create a Custom Canvas.

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